Lentiai is an ancient feud that was located in the ancient county of Cesana.

The Cesana castle, built at the time of the Longobards, controlled and dominated a very large and important area for Valbelluna. Before the bridge was built and connected the two banks of the river, a boat crossed the Piave allowing the transit of people and goods between Cesana and Busche.

The Castle, damaged during the Great War, was demolished in 1921. Cesana, in addition to hosting the ancient Palazzo Pretorio and a beautiful recently restored church,

boasts the wonderful Archpriest church of Santa Maria Assunta. Santa Maria Assunta is a national monument with a coffered ceiling that was painted by Cesare Vecellio, the main altar with a polyptych made by the workshop of Tiziano Vecellio and paintings ranging from Luigi Cima to Palma il Giovane and the sculptures of Andrea Brustolon. Finally, you must not forget the beautiful meadows of Pian di Coltura and Col d’Artent and,

above all, the blooms of the daffodils that every spring cover the pre-alpine ridge offering wonderful views of the Feltre peaks.


The routes


Borgo Valbelluna

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